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On-site CCTV monitoring is an essential service that is best conducted in conjunction with the perimeter patrol guards who are directed to the ‘affected area’ by means of a 2-way radio communication system in the shortest time possible.   Fast response is crucial in minimizing trespassing, damage or theft.


For organizations that desire electronic surveillance, particularly during silent hours, Kavallier Security Services Limited are fully equipped to offer such a service which is effected from our Control Room (manned on 24-Hr basis) using the latest electronic monitoring systems that can detect intrusion, vandalism or theft.


Anyone attempting to access a secure site will trigger an alarm and the system will automatically activate the appropriate cameras and starts relaying the video images. These signals are received, validated and recorded in real time by our dedicated operators who are trained to recognize and interpret events as they unfold.   The operators will then action the most suitable response which can vary from an audio warning right through calling the key holder or the local emergency services.


Our scope of service is considerable and reflective of our large and varied portfolio. With a guarding service that forms the core part of our operations, we can offer a range of integrated services designed to meet the requirements and specific needs of our clients.   These include Reception Duties, Security Audits and Surveys, Mobile Patrols, Alarm Systems Monitoring & Response, On-site / Remote CCTV surveillance as well as the provision of fire-fighting equipment and industrial hazard signage.




Kavallier Security Services Limited will make arrangements for your alarm and auto-dialer located on site to be directly connected to key personnel within your establishment and our company where it will be monitored for possible activation on a 24-hour basis.


In the event of the alarm being activated, contact will be made to our mobile patrol officers who will proceed immediately on site to investigate.   We can also make arrangements to rendezvous with your representative depending on your instructions.


The company is an organization committed to providing guarding services both on permanent and / or temporary basis and caters for all enterprises in the public and private sectors.


We offer the most cost-effective manning resources at affordable flat rates, thus saving the client unnecessary overheads such as overtime, bonuses, sick leave and vacation leave benefits. We also supply value added services.